2017 Special Contests

~~ 2017 Special Contests~~

Baby Contest 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug 26

ages 6 mos. to 3 years old

$5 entry fee; register at the Secretary’s Office

50s & 60s Theme

2017 Baby Contest Results

Age                         Boys                                            Girls                                

6-12 months.        Draven Avalos, Fremont.             Caroline Fisher, Fremont

13-18 months.       Becket Ruhlen, Fremont             Delilah Darling, Fremont

19-24 months.       none.                                               Mila Donnell, Elmore

25-36 months.       Bowden Bowman, Fremont.      Lidia Dible, Fostoria

Overall winner: Bowden Bowman, Fremont